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July 31, 2008
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Zune theme_For Vista by Chronomatel Zune theme_For Vista by Chronomatel
I'v finally done it :D

I am a vista user myself and have uploaded this zune theme, because when I tried to install it from here > [link] it does not work, since it is designed for xp.

Before you go pasting the theme into your theme directory...
Please download VistaGlazz (Virus Free) [link]
Install it and just leave it..
Thanks to ~zeroing we now know that is for vista basic :), So thanks you for pointing that out Zeroing.
Copy the file which you download here and paste it into -
- C:\Windows\Resources\Themes

Go to your desktop, Right click it, go to personalize, then click theme and it should be near the bottom, so dont expect it to be riight at the top :P

IF YOU ARE XP DOWNLOAD HERE [link] click the first link and it will download its self.

Enjoy the theme please :)
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i love the zune theme thank you for uploading it
cant work 4 me.
Please, I need help!!!
I installed this, then I made the HUGE mistake of select the color black for the desktop and now EVERYTHING is black on the internet. Right now, this page looks completely black. What can I do to fix this??? I only wanted my windows frame and title bar to look black... :(
ToastBlues Jan 17, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
Great job man!
Looks exactly like the original Zune theme for XP which I loved back then :love:

It's just strange that the start-button is bigger than the rest of my taskbar...

But who cares?! Thanks for making that theme :D
aluckymuse Dec 28, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
It's not working, I think it needs to be a .theme file instead? My computer will only list themes that have a .theme file...IDK whats wrong.
hello there, yea ive been havin problems lately and true enough im slow at things. lol so where is this windows/resources/themes ?
ElfAlannah Jul 19, 2009  Student Artisan Crafter
Awesome theme. Put it on my computer and it looks amazing!
This is awesome,
the only thing you can improve on is the left side of the control panel, it's still the vista one
How do I change mine to Basic?

This theme looks awesome and i really want to use it.
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